Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~ Pop-Up Shoppe: Number Six ~

Thank you again to Sabi & Friends Vintage for hosting such a fun sidewalk sale/evening. For more photos of all that went down, visit Shola, Emily, Caitlin and Colleen...

Friday, June 24, 2011

~ Portobello Road: June Mighty Market ~

Have you seen the classic movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks? It stars Angela Landsbury {playing an apprentice witch}, takes place in London in the 40s, and is a kooky adventure from start to finish. At one point, Angela heads to the famed Portobello Road to search for an ancient manuscript of spells, and gets wrapped up in the mystery, zeal and history that is one of the most famous vintage markets of all time.

What might you be up to tomorrow evening from 4-7pm?

I'll be set up at Portland's own little make-shift Portobello road, Sabi & Friends Vintage, hocking my scarfen wares, nibbling on appetizers, and gabbing with guests both inside and on the sidewalk. And who knows, there may even be dancing.

You're invited... {flier by Caitlin}

Monday, June 20, 2011

~ My Paper Heart: Sabi & Friends ~

Crispy corners, yellowed pages, tattered covers, scribbled names, dusty smell... you really can't beat an old book, postcard, poster or sheet music from my favorite vintage shop of all time, Sabi & Friends.

Purchases of the day? A "famous individual's" biography from 1909 {with a surprise bookmark inside!} for my Dad's upcoming birthday and a '56 and '57 St. Mary's Academy Yearbook for two alum friends/sisters of mine {are you reading this?}. I also snagged a book of 80 Piano Standards from back in the day, should I ever get around to learning that piano.

Have you friended Sabi & Friends on facebook yet? It's a lovely way to see all their newest goodies as they arrive to the shop.

Another way to snoop? In person! We'll be hosting our monthly Mighty Market there this Saturday the 25th from 4-7pm, so save the date... Invite to follow.