Thursday, June 16, 2011

~ Ramblin' Rose: i-D s/s '11 & Me ~

Kelty and I both detested roses as adolescents. What an unoriginal, predictable flower to bestow upon a crush or place on a windowsill when a clump of Begonias, a stalk of Snapdragons or a mess of Ranunuculus were so much lovelier! 

Funny thing is, years later we are both slowly starting to realize just how lovely roses can be. Especially wild Portland roses. They're resilient little suckers, battling the heavy spring rains, clinging to god knows what to stay afloat, and even surviving incompetent gardeners such as myself {I was convinced my failure to prune them this winter would have finished them off, but no!}.

See below for a recent shoot in one of my favorite mags, i-D, joined with photos I took yesterday evening in my garden/neighbor's front yard.

I-D photos of Malgosia Bela by Karim Sadli.