Friday, April 29, 2011

~ Etsy Stalker: Matou en Peluche ~

Suffice to say I'm having a hell of a time deciding which {ones} to buy. The twinsy ones, the swimmer maiden, the tattooed damsel? Kelty? Help! Visit here for more...

Friday, April 22, 2011

~ Match Made In Heaven: You're Invited ~

Sabi & Friends Vintage? Meet Mighty Market. I'm sure you two will hit it off just famously.

Hope you can make it...

PS- thanks to Kelty for shaping my needlework into a respectable invitation. Wish you could be there, too. xoxo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~ It's Reel Love: Pushing Daisies ~

Who was it that said that a warm piece of pie can fix anything?

Well, they were right. At the very least, a generous slice of Pushing Daisies is enough to turn any day right-side up, and that's how I plan to spend my sick home-time today, cross-stitching in hand.

If you've already seen this marvelous series, you'll probably still be mourning it's unseasonably early demise, and if you haven't seen it... you're in for quite the adventure. I tell people it's Amelie meets Six Feet Under with a old-timey baker's twist. It's off-beat and it's sweet. The sets, names, costumes and mysteries are out of this world. It cameos just about every un-famous-but-beloved character actor out there...

Oh, and it will it give you a craving for pie that you never even knew you had.

What's your favorite episode? Favorite flavor of pie? Go-to recipe? I'm partial to the finale, and am an apple-rhubarb fan, myself, and would love to make a pie this summer. Catch both seasons of Pushing Daisies on Netflix...

Photos from here

Monday, April 18, 2011

~ Hanky Panky: Sabi & Friends ~

This Saturday I was put in charge of setting up a hanky/napkin display at Sabi & Friends. I'm perfectly content just wandering around the shop, ringing customers up and doting on little Stewey, but working on the look of the shop was too much fun. And handling and hanging all the darling little bits of fabric was heaven, I tell you.

What would you do if you got your hands on a collection of embroidered, floral loveliness like the examples below? It's strange to think that hankies used to be commonplace in one's purse or pocket, given {and waved about} as tokens/expressions of affection, and handed down through the years... I can't help but envision them sewn together into a crazy mumu, or hung as little flag bunting (ala Emily PFDM).

Purchase of the day? A beautiful little piece of fabric for crewel/embroidery inspiration:

Have you visited Sabi & Friends on facebook yet? Stop by the real shop anytime, or this Saturday to visit with me!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

~ Beating the Blues: Sunday with Serge ~

Alex and I spent today celebrating all sorts of things with friends who happen to have amazing children. I'm constantly blown away them all, the fun they bring to our lives and all the marvelous "things that they are". Take it away, Mr. Gainsbourg...

Here's to Sunday. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

~ Butterfly in Reverse: Vogue UK Archives ~

Vogue UK, May 2008. Starring Jessica Stam, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. From here.