Monday, April 11, 2011

~ Welcome to the Family: Sabi & Friends ~

Kelty rang me on my way to volunteer at Sabi & Friends on Saturday morning, swooning over some old photos she'd snatched up that day at an antique shop in Orange, MA. The faces! The places! The ensembles! Each photo told a little story about a person or a place, and I was as excited to see them as she was to have found them.

I naturally had this in mind when I got to the shop, and made a b-line for a box full of old photos for sale on the counter. Looking through them I realized that I've always imagined that old photos would be handed down through the years, protected and admired in albums, stories told to each generation. Seeing them so unattached to their families, places and identities made me a bit melancholy, strange as it sounds.

So I decided I had to adopt as many photos as I could possibly afford! Like Kelty, I bought 30 or so snapshots, some with descriptions, names or dates on the back, but most with no information but the image itself. I may never know their stories or their lives as I do my own family photos, but it feels good incorporating them into my life. Who knows, maybe years from now someone I've never met will be caring for a photo of me?

Have you friended Sabi & Friends on facebook? New items {and future family photos} are posted weekly...