Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~ It's Reel Love: Pushing Daisies ~

Who was it that said that a warm piece of pie can fix anything?

Well, they were right. At the very least, a generous slice of Pushing Daisies is enough to turn any day right-side up, and that's how I plan to spend my sick home-time today, cross-stitching in hand.

If you've already seen this marvelous series, you'll probably still be mourning it's unseasonably early demise, and if you haven't seen it... you're in for quite the adventure. I tell people it's Amelie meets Six Feet Under with a old-timey baker's twist. It's off-beat and it's sweet. The sets, names, costumes and mysteries are out of this world. It cameos just about every un-famous-but-beloved character actor out there...

Oh, and it will it give you a craving for pie that you never even knew you had.

What's your favorite episode? Favorite flavor of pie? Go-to recipe? I'm partial to the finale, and am an apple-rhubarb fan, myself, and would love to make a pie this summer. Catch both seasons of Pushing Daisies on Netflix...

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