Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~ Family Fashion Icon #1: Mom ~

My mom, Jani, has never been one to follow trends {she channeled David Bowie- hair/makeup and all- for a solid year high school}. 

Or to shy away from her height {6'0 + 4-inch platforms, anyone?}.

Or to take pride in purchasing particular brands {she always made her own clothes or claimed used gems}.

Over the years I've noticed that the key to my mom's effortless style is she herself: Jani is the consummate anything goes, be comfortable, and have fun in the process kind of person... so why wouldn't she dress the same way? 

Some of my favorite photos of Jani are from the summer of 1978, when she hit the streets of Paris and Barcelona.

Although I adore everything about these photos {from her hair to her clothes to her jewelry}, I would be remiss not to add the final {and crucial} element to Jani's impeccable style: love.

These photos were taken by my Dad, Price. After meeting only once and corresponding for a year, Jani flew from LA and he flew from his Ivory Coast Peace Corps shenanigans to meet up in Paris and Barcelona. And they got engaged.

Personal style is one thing, but the love that is so apparent from both sides of the camera is what brings out the best in my mom, and has for over 32 years. 

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad.

xoxo H