Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Redhead Crush: Grace Coddington ~

Oh, Grace. 

Your off-beat gaze, unabashedly frizzy hair, awkward gait and mind-blowing creativity inspire me constantly (and keep me reading American Vogue).



After rocking it as a model in 60s Britain, Grace was in a car accident at 26 that led her behind, rather than in front of, the camera as a fashion editor/stylist. Here are a few of my 'favourite' Grace-produced moments:

And a few of Grace these days:

Do any of you know what a fashion editor really does? I had no idea until I watched The September Issue a few years back. It's a fantastic glimpse of the behind-the-scenes process of pulling an issue together, and led me to realize that the rare 'holy-crap-that's-awesome' shoots in Vogue are Grace's doing. Photos from here and here.