Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~ Yours Truly: Sabi & Friends ~

Sabi & Friends was one of the first stores I popped into when I first visited the St. Johns neighborhood a few years ago. Kelty (who had just moved to the neighborhood with Justin) dragged me in there, as I apparently just had to meet the owner, Kert, and to feast my eyes on all the treasures that filled the shop...

Well it was love at first sight and I've been back more times (and bought more knick knacks) than I can count. Not only do I enjoy chatting with Kert while perusing new and coveted items, but it's been a far off dream of Kelty and mine to someday open a little vintage/craft shop of our own. When the idea dawned on me to volunteer my services on Saturdays, being met with a resounding YES! by Kert was a dream come true.

And so this last Saturday marked my first experience on the other side of the counter. I read my Martha Grimes, I chatted with Kert and the door greeter, Stewey, I rang customers up, and I also spent a good deal of time snapping photos around the shop, browsing (how could I not?) and familiarizing myself with the various goods so that I could be of use when customers asked random questions. This occurred to me after a woman marched in and asked if we had any animal-shaped candlesticks. I said, "Mmm... I have no idea... let's go find some!"... and off we went on a candlestick treasure hunt.

I can't wait until the next Saturday I'm on duty, and stay tuned for more photos and gratefully absorbed gems of advice from my shopgirl adventures. I'm all yours, Sabi & Friends!

insisted I take a little something home with me. The couch was already sold, so I settled on this little leather clutch!

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