Monday, February 7, 2011

~ Imelda My Heart: Chie Mihara ~

My friend Khali (of Khali & Potsch fame) recently blogged about some shoes by designer Chie Mihara. The women's selection is lovely, but being freakishly tall (not to mention gravity-challenged), I was naturally drawn to the men's selection, which was surprisingly feminine. I'm always a sucker for quality a sandal/shoe hybrid, and hope I can persuade my Aunt Joanne in Barcelona to snatch me up a pair of these babies someday!

I also was impressed by her website in general, which featured photos of the local shoe factory. Although I fantasize that Daniel Day Lewis cobbles my shoes in his workshop in Italy, I have a suspicion that the real shoe biz is less sexy. I like how Chie seems to take pride in her business and also in her aparadoras who are clearly very talented.

Visit Chie's website here!