Monday, February 14, 2011

~ It's Reel Love: A Room With A View ~

A Room With A View has to be one of Kelty and my favorite movies. For one, it takes place in Florence at the turn of the century... a setting ripe with possibility, adventure and romance. The larger-than-life hair and unruly eyebrows are another draw; Helena Bonham Carter's braid is thicker than a loaf of french bread and her eyebrows are sublime! The Ms. Alans, a sweet pair of elderly sisters who travel together, are equally noteworthy, as are other quirky characters who meander in and out of the film. We've never been able to resist the delicate lace, foofy hats and high-waisted long skirts, blending conservative Edwardian sensibilities with the impending, corset-less women's suffrage movement... and what about GEORGE?! Enough said.

Considering today's date, this movie couldn't be a better suited valentine. But not for Alex (who is convinced V-day is a Hallmark ploy), but rather for Kelty (whose man, Justin, is also convinced V-day is a Hallmark ploy).
Hopefully she and I will watch it when I'm in Shutesbury this weekend so that we can celebrate a love that began before both our men came around, recite the best lines in unison over a box of chocolates, and so Kelty (recently back from Italy) can add bursts of "I was right there!". In the meantime, below are a few stills to reel you in... And if you haven't yet seen this scrumptious Merchant/Ivory classic, you damn well should!

Photos from here.