Tuesday, February 1, 2011

~ Starting Somewhere ~

I've never kept a journal because I couldn't get past the feeling that I was already starting behind. How could I catch myself up on all the days that had been journal-less? Come to think of it, would my words even be worthy of preservation for posterity? Furthermore, how had I become such an uptight 8 year-old?

Beginning a blog seemed similar to beginning a journal at first, but thanks to the years loosening me up a bit, not to mention Kelty's recent pestering and sweet set-up of this blog address, I've changed my mind. Starting somewhere is better than never starting at all, so here goes: my first journal. Photos, projects, fashion, adventures, gifts, movies, fabrics, schemes, places and a few thoughts sprinkled on top, perhaps? We'll just have to see.

This first entry is dedicated to you, Kelty; my bosom buddy, steadfast supporter, constant inspiration and forever partner in dress-up.


Hannah (OLA)

H&K circa '88