Thursday, February 24, 2011

~ Heavens to Gidget: Swimsuits ~

One week from today I will be basking {more like reflecting} on the beach in Mexico. I've got a feeling these waters aren't as spandex-optional as the Mediterranean ones I'm accustomed to, so I decided to browse suits at one of my most beloved/despised shops of all time: Anthropologie.

You'd think that minoring in anthropology in college would garner me some sort of clout with these people... but it doesn't, I'm afraid. And this is where the "despise" part of the relationship comes in. The cost to take a dip in one of these babies? Anywhere from $170 to $370 for a one-piece, and $75 to $138 per bikini piece. Per PIECE, man!!!

And then the love part sneaks up on me. Aren't these just smashing swim suits? So colorful, imaginative and exciting {by traditional suit standards, anyway} that I'd even dare to call them "swimming costumes", as they say in Britain.

I doubt I'll reconcile my conflicted feelings for this marvelous/infuriating shop anytime soon, but in the meantime it's inspired me to try to fashion my own affordable and fun "swimming costume". I'll let you know how it goes.

These rants and raves also remind me that it's not always what you wear when you hit the beach, but rather how you wear it. See below for some of my favorite beach bums rocking it in whatever.
~ Grace Kelly ~
~ Karin {mother in law} ~
~ Goldie Hawn ~
~ Joanne {aunt} ~
~ Brigitte Bardot ~
~ Jani {mom} ~
~ Anne Bancroft ~