Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~ Color Me Convinced: Amanda Wachob ~

Kelty and I have two twinsy sets of tattoos in the works for this year. One set will be on our forearms in a sketchy charcoal manner {more on that another day!}, and the second set will be in full color on our upper biceps.

We've been browsing art, colors, styles and artists for quite a while, now, and I keep returning to Amanda Wachob, a painter and tattoo artist based in NYC. My buddy Khali of Boots & CatEyes first introduced me to her work a few years back, and I can't get enough of her tasteful approach, immaculate shading, lovely colors and general lack of black outlining. Brilliant little works of art!

I doubt I could afford her talent {or the time to wait!}, but it's most certainly inspired our tattoo musings and plans. Browse more of the talented Amanda here.