Saturday, March 19, 2011

~ Family Fashion Icon #2 : Great Aunt Frannie ~

The stunning, vivacious and fashionable Italian woman you see below is my great Aunt Frannie {aka, Frannie The Great}. This photo was taken at Christmas, circa 1972.

I credit Aunt Fran for my love of bright bling and big hair, as well as my desire to go seriously platinum someday.

Aunt Frannie was also the first person I knew who sewed. I remember watching her work on her machine on Jasmine Ave. in Los Angeles when I was really little, and she was the first person I asked {prompted by my mom} to make me a dress. It hadn't occurred to me at the age of 5 that dresses were actually made and didn't already exist somehow. I first experienced the magic of fashion when I described a pink dress with puff sleeves... and got one.

Frannie doesn't sew as often these days, but the magic is still there. For example, she's taught me that some bright lipstick, a good pair of dangly earrings and a raucous sense of humor can be all you need to look great and feel fabulous. Below are some photos I snapped at her favorite breakfast spot last month.

See you in a few hours! xoxo

To my family, what are your favorite fashion memories and lessons from Aunt Fran? I'd love to hear them.

Ps- Thanks for making Frannie move, Kelty!