Friday, March 18, 2011

~ Style in The Aisle: Wistful Lamentations ~

I'm packing my bags and flying high tonight to cavort with Kelty & Fam for a long weekend. I've only  been flying 25 years or so, but it seems like little has changed in aviation even within the last 50 years... Planes don't fly much faster, seats aren't much more comfortable or leg roomy, and you can never predict what random you'll sit next to. 

Come to think of it, it sometimes seems like flying conditions have worsened over the years! These days you can't smoke, wander around deck, carry on your favorite pair of nail scissors, get sassy with the help or even eat with an honest to god fork and knife. They even make you wear a seatbelt! Ridiculous.

And don't get me started on fashion. I've always lamented the fact that we travelers don't get dolled up like it's rumored we used to {hats, ties, gems, the works!}. But worse, why oh why don't flight attendants dress like this anymore?  I'm tellin' ya... back in the day they strutted the aisles in Nina Ricci, Emilio Pucci & Oleg Cassini. They may be treated better these days, but they at least appeared happier back then {wouldn't you be jazzed if you wore a cape to work every day?}...

I think Kelty and I would have chosen the uniforms below if we had been stewardesses back then. Color coordinated, patterned for stain minimalization, hat stays on with a chin strap... ideal. Which is your fave?

Seattle's Museum of Flight is currently hosting an exhibit on retro flight attendant fashion {the 30's to the 70's}. Who wants to road trip with me to see it all in person? Photos from their site