Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Welcome to Glitter Gulch: A Poof Dress ~

It could have been the over-the-top, throw-back stewardness outfits I gandered before my trip last week.

It might have been the huge lacy underskirt I recently stumbled upon in the corner of my closet when digging for my favorite pair of heels.

Perhaps it was the glittery emerald material that I nabbed almost a year ago {and realized I'd done not a thing with since}.

Or maybe it was just VEGAS, BABY.

Either way, I got it into my noggin' that I needed to make a big, wide poof dress for Kelty and my 24 hour Vegas wedding adventure last weekend. So I expanded and shortened a simple pattern I already had to fit the bill. The result? A glitzy, wider-than-a-door-frame poof dress {and matching head thing}, born to roll the dice, strut the strip, raise the stakes and win big.

Thanks, Kel, for romping about with me and snapping/editing these!