Monday, March 7, 2011

~ The Getaway Part I: A Bikini Costume ~

I was all aflutter last month when I found out I'd be hitting the beaches of Mexico with Al and family for a long weekend. Planning my wardrobe for the trip, I shared my progress a few weeks back on snooty fashion inspiration as well as my gripes about the exorbitant cost of cool swimwear.

With little time and zero moolah, I decided to take matters into my own hands with a tourist wardrobe of my own. A few days before hitting the runway, I whipped up some simple pieces for the trip and will be sharing one ensemble per day this week, thanks to Alex's fab photo skills and Kelty's lovely editing.

So for Monday: my dream bikini. Up until the early wee hours of the morning of our plane ride {and only heading to bed when my damn needle broke}, I cobbled together old Missoni fabric scraps and built them onto an existing bikini. I took it for a test dip in the ocean one morning and, as you can see, underestimated the size of the olas gigantes....

The fabric held up fantastically under wave and sand duress, and I plan to learn how to fashion a real one from scratch the next time I hit the beach. Ole!