Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~ Tag Tuckers Unite: Sabi & Friends ~

I'll be the first to admit that I am a notorious tag tucker. And I can't help myself. I unabashedly tuck the tags of clueless wearers, be them friends, family or complete strangers, and tend to cut them out of my own clothes. This compulsion of mine can't be explained {or justified} simply, but I have a feeling it stems from the belief that not only do tags tend to be scratchy and ugly, but labels and brands are just plain silly and unneccesary. 

Until now.

I volunteered behind the counter at Sabi & Friends again this Saturday and couldn't help but notice all of the quirky tags on the vintage coats and shirts for sale. They tell a story about the mystery garment that is otherwise lost, and I've begun to re-think my long-standing aversion to labels...

I bought little OLA labels this last fall for my burgeoning scarf business, and I'll admit that it was kind of fun to tag my goods with a name... maybe they'll be telling stories someday, too?

There were all sorts of amazing new items this week. I snatched up a cute little clutch purse last time I played shop girl, but this time I set my sights a bit higher... and bought the Reading Chair Of My Dreams {mid-century, immaculate condition and a favorite color}!

This whole volunteering thing could get expensive, but I'm not overthinking it for the moment and can hardly wait until the next time I'm at Sabi & Friends... Come visit!